Thursday, June 28, 2012

Martin Sherman, Articulate Defender of Israel

Sir, - Two letters appear in today's paper (June 27) that are critical of Martin Sherman's article "Stupid, seditious or suicidal?" What is common to both letters is the accusation of the impracticality of Sherman's one state solution, which the writers claim will incur the wrath of world opinion against the Jewish State.

It is of the utmost importance to note that neither letter presents any substantive argument in disagreement with Sherman's very cogent and lucidly presented thesis. Do either of the writers feel that the alternative two-state proposals have enjoyed acceptance by the Palestinian side? If the truth be stated, the P.A. has rejected any program presented to them that is not based on their preconditions that demand our  acceptance of the 1947 indefensible borders, the Palestinian Right of Return that will overwhelm Israel with an Arab majority, and the freeing of Palestinian terrorist prisoners. If 'practicality' is the issue, I find Martin Sherman's plan to be far more attractive.

It also must be noted, that despite all of Israel's concessions to the advancement of peace such as the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, a 10 month freeze on building settlements, the return of Palestinian bodies and additional "gestures", none have won the appreciation of the P.A. or recognition by world opinion of Israel's concrete efforts toward a just solution of the conflict.

Martin Sherman in addition should be commended for being one of the most literate, knowledgeable, and articulate defenders of Israel in the public media.

Petach Tikva