Thursday, June 28, 2012

J.Post June 28: Blessed Headlines

Sir, – Despite the continued Israel-bashing from abroad as well as from our own midst, we have every right to be heartened and proud about two projects that were reported in the June 26 Jerusalem Post. Both describe assiduous scientific and creative world-leading achievements that will be of great benefit to mankind.

The first, on Page 3, is “Hadassah experts produce human embryonic stem cell lines without animal contamination.”

These stem cell lines can eventually be used to treat a wide range of degenerative diseases, such as AMD, type 1 diabetes, heart failure and Parkinson’s by serving as an infinite source of replacement.

The second article, on Page 7, is “New online network to link Israeli agricultural experts, farmers in India.” This network will provide instant contact and allow the launch of centers of agricultural excellence in India, thus enhancing that nation’s food production for its vast population.

Let these continue to be the headlines we are blessed with.

Petah Tikva