Wednesday, June 20, 2012

J.Post June 20: Shimon Peres and Jonathan Pollard

Sir, – I readily proclaim that I do not possess the required Solomonic wisdom to have decisively demanded that President Shimon Peres make his acceptance of the US Presidential Medal of Freedom conditional on the release of Jonathan Pollard.

Having said that, however, I find the statement by Peres’s diplomatic advisor, Nadav Tamir, that “Obama listened seriously and asked good questions” (“Peres adviser: Door not slammed on Pollard release,” June 17), to be a pathetically ignoble attempt to redeem and explain the abominable continuing miscarriage of justice regarding Pollard.

Tamir’s statements do not offer anything but an insult to people’s intelligence. One has every right to expect that the serious listening and the good questions would have taken place when Peres lent the dignity of his office and made his first request for the release of Pollard several months ago. Indeed, the serious attention to the cruel and unusual punishment should have begun 27 years ago when Pollard was first arrested.

The fact that this inhumane incarceration of Pollard continues despite the many American and international statesmen and jurists who have asked for his release remains a blatant mark of shame on both Peres and US President Barack Obama.

Petah Tikva