Tuesday, June 5, 2012

J.Post June 5: What Comes After?

Sir, – Do I detect a malodorous stench of duplicity? Prime Minister Netanyahu is avidly against legislation that would circumvent the top court’s decision to remove the Ulpana homes and has ordered his coalition members to oppose the bills. However, there seems to be a legitimate solution to this very grievous problem by relocating the 30 homes to land that has already been authorized for housing in the Beit El settlement.

The fact that the land has been authorized for such activity would seem sufficient and certainly not require any further decision by the attorney-general.

So if this can be technically accomplished, why is Netanyahu soliciting a judgment by the attorney-general before he decides to take such action? Could it be that by asking for this unnecessary decision he is signaling that he would not mind a negative response? Such a response would allow him to argue that he earnestly tried for a fair solution but was frustrated by the legal apparatus.

The settlers who have acted in good faith with the encouragement of Israeli governments from the Left and Right are surely entitled to fair and equitable treatment!

Petah Tikva 

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons user יעקב]