Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ross' Doublespeak

Sir,-- The well seasoned diplomat Dennis Ross has seemingly run out of intelligent comments pertaining to Iran, and now chooses to becloud the very critical issues with diplomatic 'doublespeak'. "It is time to shift gears in negotiations with Iran" says Ross, but goes on to suggest a program of continuing self deception and refusal to admit to the harsh reality that the gears have ground to a complete breakdown. The Iranians have quite clearly stated their refusal to accept the West's demands and just as clearly have exploited the time of these negotiations for the further development of their nuclear program.

Instead of a non-hesitant and unequivocal ultimatum to Iran to halt the enrichment program, Ross states that the "core issue" is whether Iran is going to accept some "gobbledygook" that he suggests and only then if they refuse will we know that "diplomacy is not going to work". Ross further plays with delaying tactics by stating that "at the end of the day there was no military solution to the problem". Of course by stating that he utterly destroys any reason for Iran to stop doing what it has been doing.

What Ross and all the other diplomats must finally recognize as the correct evaluation of the reality of Iran's intentions that Israel has been stating all along.

Petach Tikva

[Image credit: Brett Weinstein]