Friday, July 13, 2012

J.Post July 13: Ehud Olmert Acquitted? Not So Fast.

Sir, – The glee exhibited by supporters of Ehud Olmert (“Olmert acquitted of central corruption charges in two cases,” July 11) may soon be proven to be misplaced. This is in view of the fact that the former prime minister still faces the possibility of a sentence that says his conduct constituted moral turpitude, plus the additional and very formidable charge of bribery in connection with the Holyland complex.

[There are, however, several other disturbing points concerning the recent verdict. Firstly, there is the very surprising statements in The Jerusalem Post in describing its reaction to its being "inundated by angry emails" when Olmert was chosen to be the keynote speaker at its New York conference in April. The angry letters made eminent sense, when considering that Olmert faced five very serious charges of corrupting almost every public office that he held. The charges of accepting large sums without disclosure was not denied by the judges, but were dismissed on the basis that criminal intent was not proven.

Far more perplexing is the very clear implication, by the author of the Post's article, that there was an insidious plot hatched against Olmert, because he "came very close to reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians during his premiership." This is an evil and malicious statement that should not have been printed. One may be permitted to ask its author, Was the Jerusalem Post in on some plot to grant Olmert dignity and credibility because of political considerations, despite the serious charges that he faced? Did the Post have some 'inside information' that Olmert would not be convicted?]

The saddest part, however, is the assessment by many politicos and media personalities that Olmert’s conviction on breach of public trust is merely a technicality or unpleasant.

It would appear that we have some way to go before we can be described as a “light unto the nations.”

Petah Tikva