Wednesday, July 25, 2012

J.Post July 25: Why didn't he serve?

Sir, – In her passionate defense of Itay Tiran (“The golden boy of Israeli theater,” Think About It, July 23), Susan Hattis Rolef states that efforts to delegitimize him are “undemocratic and repulsive.” She acknowledges that these efforts at delegitimization are based on Tiran’s not serving in the IDF together with other political views that found expression in his refusal to perform in Ariel.

It must be noted that Rolef, when mentioning Tiran’s lack of service in the IDF, surprisingly adds in explanation: “apparently on grounds of conscientious objection.” Do we, the readers, not deserve to be clearly told the reasons behind such a critical issue and not be left with assumptions? Rolef further states that Tiran has done “nothing illegal or illegitimate.”

She thus, perhaps unwittingly, gives her imprimatur of legitimacy to those who do not serve in the IDF.

Does she believe that Tiran’s acting skills permit him to avoid service? I personally feel that it is quite consistent with the definition of a democracy for citizens to take offense and express their objection to those who choose to act against the will, sentiments and values held by a majority of the populace.

Petah Tikva