Monday, July 23, 2012

Justified Leap by Shaul Mofaz?

Sir, - The banner that appears above the interview with Shaul Mofaz, "The ex-vice premier justifies his leap" is a very useful one, and should be held in readiness for all of the political acrobatics that characterize Mofaz's behavior. In fact it can be used over and over again without change, and whatever his current gyration can easily be substituted to fit into his 'justifying leap' mode.

What borders on the pathetic, however, is his attempt at claiming that his actions are motivated solely by principle. He always manages to locate someone or something to identify as the villain, while he attempts to sail off into his pristine Nirvana.

It unfortunately, beomes more and more clear to any one who has been following Mofaz's career and who seeks to understand his zig-zagged behavior, that it can be explained far better by 'politics' rather than by 'principle.'

Petach Tikva