Sunday, July 29, 2012

Profound Differences: Colorado & Bulgaria Attacks

Sir, - Although I appreciated some of the sentiment, I feel that Gil Troy did a disservice with his article concerning the linked "summertime mourning" of Israelis and Americans. Troy describes acts of genuine heroism and feelings of deep sorrow over the loss of innocent human lives, that were evident both at the Colorado theater murders and those that took place in Bulgaria. I believe, however, that there are profound differences between the two events, and that it is imperative to distinguish between them.

Burgas Airport
The rampage in the theater was clearly the work of a deranged armed individual, who randomly shot at whomever was unfortunate to be in his sights, while having no prior animus towards them. The bomb that was exploded at Burgas however, was the work of an agent of state terrorism that deliberately chose a group of Israelis to be the target of his atrocity. The first was the act of a psychopath that acted alone and who was able with ease to heavily arm himself. The killing of the Israelis was carried out by a terrorist who underwent training in bomb preparation and who enjoyed the help of an international terror network designed to strike another murderous blow against the Zionist entity.

Aurora Century 16 theater
The acts in the United States were completely senseless and reflect on an ongoing pathology in American society. Terrorist attacks against Israelis are purposeful acts motivated by Jew-hatred and of the inabilty to accept the existence of a Jewish State. What happened in the U.S. is unfortunate and tragic and must be addressed by the proper governmental, social, and psychological experts. The threat against Israel originates with the international dark forces of religious and political fanaticism and is a distressingly existential one.

Petach Tikva

[Image credit: Wikimedia users Christian Rasmussen; Algr]