Sunday, August 26, 2012

Abbas Threat to Boycott Summit in Tehran

Sir, - The Abbas threat to boycott the NAM summit in Tehran because of the invitation to Haniyeh, which he sees as a blow to the PLO's status as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinians, is truly ironic. God does indeed work in mysterious ways!

When one analyzes the purpose of the Abbas visit to Tehran, we find great difficulty in identifying the slightest intimations of legitimacy to any aspect of his behavior. It should be noted that his planned visit was to take place contrary to the expressed wishes of the U.S. and Israel.

What did Abbas hope to accomplish by visiting a country that is being sanctioned because of its growing threat to world peace? Why did Abbas, who claims to be Israel's partner for peace, insist on going to a place whose leadership openly calls for the annihilation of Israel? Can we see in this his own true intentions? Were the two foremost Holocaust deniers making plans for Israel's future?

Thank God for God!

Petach Tikva