Friday, August 3, 2012

No Solution, More Baskin Bias

Sir, - As unfortunate as this may appear, I have the very real impression that Gershon Baskin, who constantly boasts of his liberal credentials, relates to Israel with deep contempt.

My impression is based on entire paragraphs in his latest column where an entire litany of hateful Israeli behavior is presented. Baskin's list includes counterfeiting bills of sale and land registration certificates, and even bringing people back from the dead to sign documents allowing us to take their land.

While he blithely spells out the heinous offenses that he attributes to Israel, as usual he cannot find even the tiniest offense committed by the Palestinians.

To help jog his memory, I can readily supply an alternate list. The Palestinian glorification of terror and the heroization of terrorists. Their educational curriculum that preaches hatred toward Israel and their maps that erase Israel's presence. Their insistence on pre-conditions for negotiations despite Israel's continuing to make gestures of good-will like the removal of roadblocks, returning bodies, and advancing them huge sums of money in order to keep their bloated and corrupt structure from collapsing. I challenge Baskin to be able to find an Isreali offense that compares with the Palestinian edict of a death sentence for any of their people who sell land or property to a Jew.

Frankly, I do not want to make peace with anyone who seeks my destruction. The Palestinians have clearly demonstrated that they have less interest in a state of their own than in the eradication of Israel. They have turned down overly-generous offers by both Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert that I hope will never be repeated. In addition, I have no interest in reading Gershon Baskin's opinions unless he can learn to balance them more intelligently.

Petach Tikva