Thursday, October 25, 2012

J.Post October 25: Cries for Help

Sir, – The shocking tragedy of the needless loss of a precious young life should serve to arouse within us some serious soul searching regarding some of our basic societal values.

The planning of a “double suicide” by two adolescents raises many serious questions about education, religion, peer pressure, family structure, sexual mores and the seeming lack of appreciation about the infinite value of every single human life.

The fact that Raz Attias was prepared to murder his pregnant girlfriend and then commit suicide defies rational explanation and a total understanding of the pathology involved.

It is however a vulgar and perverted dishonesty by segments of the media to attempt to obfuscate the real complex issues and divert the blame onto a reputable and honorable organization like Efrat, which offers emotional, psychological, spiritual and financial aid to those seeking alternatives to abortion.

Without attempting to impose a facile solution to this quandary, I believe that the seeming ease that youngsters engage in irresponsible sexual behavior with highly regrettable results deserves our concerted attention.

Petah Tikva