Friday, October 26, 2012

J.Post Magazine October 26: Rifkin's Folly

Sir, - Lawrence Rifkin who labels himself a "Grumpy Old Man" has fittingly produced a most petty and pathetic article. Although recognizing Iran's existential threat to Israel as well as its serious implications for the world, he nevertheless chooses to nitpick at the nature of the illustration that Prime Mister Netanyahu presented to demonstrate the impending immediacy of the threat, and derisively titles his column "Bibi boom."

I personally found Netanyahu's illustration and explanation to be extremely clear and  most effective in demonstrating and articulating the rapidly approaching danger to Israel and the world from a nuclear armed Iran. Despite the opinions of the Twitterists quoted by Rifkin, I am sorry to say that I was unable to identify in his article anything that can be construed as being of a constructive redeeming value.

Of course if Rifkin wanted to supply his aficionados with what they would consider as packing a real wallop, I could suggest the following substitute for Netanyahu's drawing: After Netanyahu's extremely lucid review of the many attempts to destroy our people including the imminent threat by Iran, Netanyahu could have arranged with the head of the Mossad to have all the lights at the U.N. be shut and then to have a huge firecracker (once known as a cherry bomb) be exploded before the microphone, with the following results visible when the lights went on: one fourth of the assembled suffered heart attacks, one fourth sought to convert to Judaism, one fourth sullied their clothes, and the last group of representatives from Moslem countries organized violent demonstrations against American embassies because they were responsible for ridiculing the Prophet.

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[Image credit: DonkeyHotey]