Monday, October 29, 2012

Wake Up Call: James Adler on Israel-PA Conflict

Sir, - James Adler's letter titled "Joint Effort" (J.Post Letters, October 23), is proven to be unfounded and a patent absurdity by the headlines of today. Adler's contention that Israel's joining the Palestinian push for a UN upgrade and leaving the West Bank would result in "the reduction of extremism and the creation of so much good will...[and] would be beneficial to all," unfortunately is completely divorced from reality.

The reality of today wherein over 50 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza and seriously wounding several people and causing extensive property damage, should serve to awaken Adler from his 'dreamland' euphoria. Schools in southern Israel had to be closed because there were not sufficient protection against the savage onslaught. Children and adults have suffered these terrorist attacks almost on a daily basis for the last several years.

All this despite Israel's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza strip,uprooting thousands of families and shattering their lives. This unilateral gesture of good will has been repaid by hate, destruction, and the public declaration by Hamas of their pledge to never recognize the State of Israel.

Adler's unfortunate anti Israel bias blinds him to this reality, and he has been consistently oblivious of the many 'good will' gestures that Israel has made toward the Palestinians ever since 1948 when we were victorious against 5 invading Arab armies. We have returned prisoners, reduced roadblocks, offered to negotiate without preconditions. We have been repaid by the PA's heroizing of terrorists, the teaching and preaching of hatred for Israel in their schools and mosques, and their constant anti-Israel resolutions at the UN.

Wake up Adler! Wake Up!

Petach Tikva

[Image credit: Nevit Dilmen]