Friday, November 2, 2012

Shameful!: Shlomo Carlebach and the Terrorist

Sir, - Although I am grateful to Greer Fay Cashman for calling our attention to the richly merited services and activities in honor of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, I take strong issue with her about the following matter:

Cashman relates a story about Carlebach's entertainment, by song and dance, of a group of female prisoners that included murderers and terrorists at the Neveh Tirza prison. She goes on to describe a terrorist by the name of Fatima, who was imprisoned for planting a bomb in a movie theater that resulted in the death of many Jews, who was drawn into the dancing by the enthusiasm generated by Carlebach and even embraced him. Due to her enchantment with Rabbi Shlomo, they exchanged phone numbers and from time to time he would call her at the prison.

terrorist muslim prison carlebach shlomo fatima

What had me completely aghast, was the fact that Cashman called this "one of many heart-warming stories" involving Carlebach. I, however, find it "chilling" to my very core, and am quite certain that the families of those dead Jews join in my abhorrence of the above. Nowhere do we find mentioned any contrition or remorse by Fatima for her heinous deeds or of a pledge to change her ways.What we are told, is upon her release as part of a prisoner exchange, she went to Gaza where she became head of the women's police and where we can assume she has joined in the Hamas call for the elimination of Israel.


Petach Tikva

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