Sunday, December 23, 2012

UPDATED J.Post December 22: Out with Zoabi

Sir, – With regard to “Panel bars Zoabi from Knesset election” (December 20), we were informed in a previous frontpage Post article (“Zoabi: If Balad’s banned, Arabs won’t vote,” December 9) that MK Haneen Zoabi has a first degree in philosophy and a second degree in communications. But it quickly becomes quite apparent that despite her advanced education, she lacks the ability to relate to the need for accuracy or truth with any degree of sanctity.

While Zoabi unhesitatingly attacks Israel with the obscene charge of racism, she blithely chooses to ignore the malicious and patent absurdity of the charge, based on the evidence of the opportunities afforded to her by both the democratic State of Israel and its liberal and accepting society.

She received her higher education from two of Israel’s important universities and was democratically elected along with several Arab colleagues to serve in Israel’s parliament.

These facts, it is worth noting, are in clear contrast to the existing realities in all of Israel’s nondemocratic neighbors.

What, however, makes Zoabi’s behavior more despicable is her joining the May 2010 protest flotilla aimed at breaching Israel’s security blockade of the Gaza Strip with the purpose of showing support for and providing encouragement to its terrorist Hamas government.

Zoabi dismisses this fact on the basis of the presence of parliamentarians from other countries.

Of course, they were from countries with clear anti-Israel agendas.

Therefore, it does not at all provide her with an excuse for her behavior, but rather makes it all the more contemptible.

As a serving member of Israel’s parliament, joining in a clearly anti-Israel effort in support of those who consistently call for armed conflict with Israel with the goal of our destruction, was in fact an act of treason and should minimally exclude the possibility for her reelection.

Petah Tikva

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