Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Critical Mass" Malaise: Zoabi & Israeli Democracy

Sir, - The recent decision by Israel's Attorney General, Yehuda Weinstein, for the State to refuse to defend Zoabi's disqualification , because her pro-terrorist activities have not reached a "critical mass," as well as the unanimous decision of Israel's Supreme Court granting her permission to participate in the forthcoming elections, raises a number of disturbing questions not only about the substance of Israel's democracy, but also about the presence in Israel of a malignant disorder that seriously threatens its security.

The Central Elections Committee, comprised of MKs representing a cross section of Israel's political composition, voted by a substantial majority to bar Haneen Zoabi from running for reelection. They did so after expending much time and effort in deliberating on the merits of the relevant controversial arguments, and concluded that Zoabi by both word and deed clearly acted against the interests of the State of Israel. It must be noted that in contradistinction to the elected MKs who make up the Elections Committee, neither the Attorney General or the members of the Supreme Court earned their positions through an election process. It thus appears to be indisputably evident who has the greater right of claiming to be the true reflection of the will of the people.

Israel's electorate has thus clearly spoken out against Zoabi as well as about their existential fear of the tumor present in the "critical mass" criterion of the Attorney General and the Supreme Court. Who has greater sensitivity in judging when "red lines" are crossed than the citizens of Israel as reflected through their elected officials? The "critical mass" criteria has crippled Israel's responsive behavior toward years of terrorist rockets that have traumatized our southern communities, and it continues to seriously hamper our response towards Iran's call for our annihilation.

It is clearly about time for the government of Israel, its Attorney General and its Supreme Court, to realize that for the people of Israel, the first rocket fired against our civilian population already attains "critical mass!" The same is true about Zoabi's pro-terrorist activities!

Zev Chamudot
Petach Tikva

[Image credit: Flickr user Russell Tribunal on Palestine]