Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Does Israel Know What It's Best Interests Are?

Sir, - It is quite often wrongly assumed that if you get someone with a Jewish sounding name like Jeffrey Goldberg to write an article, he can deliver the most inane Israel bashing tripe, in the hope that the unenlightened natives in Israel wont recognize it for what it really is. What it really proves, however, is that even possessing a Jewish name does not guarantee either intellectual integrity or more than a most superficial understanding of the Middle East and its conflicts.

The blaring headline that informs us that "Israel doesn't know what its best interests are" is grossly insulting while at the same time it seems to contain a number of veiled, and less than friendly, threats. The claim that the democratically elected government of Israel, representing a majority of its citizens, does not know how to assess its best interests is a patently malicious absurdity. Israel has unfortunately had to pay quite dearly in both blood and materiel in order to learn how to deal with the hostility of its surrounding environment, and how to best evaluate the true nature of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  

The PA initiative of going to the UN in search of recognition was a blatant violation of the Oslo agreements. It was a conspicuous attempt to out-maneuver Israel and seek territorial and diplomatic gains, while continuing in its adamant refusal to sit and negotiate with Israel without prior conditions. The Oslo peace agreements met their just demise, when the PA was seemingly granted everything it wanted, without any concessions or compromise on its part. While the PA still persists in its onslaught of anti-Israel venom and hate through its schools and mosques, it is Israel that is constantly called on to make "gestures for peace." PA's president, Abbas, still persists in his attempts at unification with the Hamas terror organization, despite the latter's call for the destruction of Israel. The lack of any willingness on the part of the PA to restart negotiations, and in view of their continuing attempts to demonize Israel, it is eminently both just and sensible for Israel to take its own unilateral steps to halt the PA's nefarious behavior, and thus truly provide the people of Israel with the best safeguards for their security and future.

Petach Tikva