Sunday, March 3, 2013

J.Post March 8: Heroic Chabad Women

Sir, - It was indeed most welcome and quite refreshing to read the positive and wholesome article featuring the 'Shluchos' of International Chabad-Lubavitch. These women emissaries came together for their annual International Conference, and a reader very quickly understands and appreciates why the article is titled "Heroines in their own right."

These 1,700 emissaries, from Chabad outposts across the globe, gather in order to gain strength from each other's experiences and share their stories of great hardships as well as those of enormous achievements. They are often confronted by the glaring absence of facilities for the education of their children and the other basic necessities of Jewish life. Obtaining kosher food is accomplished only with great difficulty. Although they must start from scratch and raise their own funds, they have succeeded in transforming these outposts into centers of Jewish vitality, warmth, hospitality and tradition. Their motivation is based on the importance of reaching out to all with acceptance and respect, and encouraging the tiny spark of Judaism which is to be found in every Jew. These women are called on to be educators, mothers, hoteliers, accountants, public relations experts, builders, and together with their husbands (the Shluchim) are committed to radiate and spread the positive warmth of Judaism as far as possible.

The inspiration for this idealism and sacrifice are attributed by all to the revered 'Rebbe' of Lubavitch, the venerable Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson who, more than any other, was responsible for the spread of Ahavat Yisrael and Jewish values during the 20th century.

Petach Tikva