Sunday, June 16, 2013

Don't Pay Bill Clinton with our Hard-Earned Money

Sir, - Isi Leibler is performing a much needed service in his vigilant insistence on the need for accountability and transparency in all organizations that collect and disburse charitable funds. He especially focuses on the Claims Conference that is responsible for the transfer of funds paid by the government of Germany to the victims who suffered and survived the horror of the Holocaust purgatory. Leibler quite appropriately describes their function as being responsible for the disbursement of "sacred restitution funds."

But despite the hallowed constitution of these funds, we are informed that there has been an embezzlement over several years of more than $57 million dollars, money that was destined for very deserving and needy survivors. It is hard to conceive of something more revolting or sacrilegious.

Almost equally revolting however, is the obscenity that is to be committed by the KKL-JNF in their intended payment to Bill Clinton of $500,000 dollars to speak at an event that is part of the week-long tribute to Pres. Shimon Peres.

bill clinton israel money

Instead of Clinton lending his presence out of respect for the many achievements of Shimon Peres, there is figuratively and literally a payment of tribute being made to Bill Clinton out of charitable and public funds in an unconscionable amount that violates every standard of propriety. It is not only a clear violation of public trust, it is also a gross betrayal of the many thousands of families who have for many years kept the blue and white Keren Kayemet boxes in their homes and filled them with their hard-earned shekels in order to redeem the Jewish homeland for the Jewish people.

This is profanity.

Petach Tikva

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