Thursday, August 29, 2013

Islamic Culture of Death Goes Global

Sir - The horrendous headlines that are distributed throughout Sunday's paper confront the intelligent reader with at least two important issues of concern that are deserving of serious attention. Starting on the front page we read, "Bombs kill 42 outside Sunni mosques in Tripoli," and we are further informed, "Suicide bomber targets Baghdad cafe, killing 25," and still further we learn, "Nigerian Islamists kill 44 in northeast." Add to the above the massacre of civilians in Syria and the hundreds of dead in the turmoil in Egypt we are provided unfortunately with conclusive testimony that Islam has been taken captive by a culture of death.

1) The continued heroization of terrorists and the P.A's ongoing incitement to hatred through its schools and mosques would seem to clearly locate them well within the destructive parameters of that culture. Does it make any sense to conduct negotiations with those who do not ascribe any value to the fundamental belief in the sanctity of human life?

2) How can we explain the extraordinary fact of the failure of Prime Minister Erdogan to blame Israel for the murderous bombs described above? Was he, in violation of Sharia law, inebriated? Was he institutionalized for paranoia? Is he possibly doing Tshuva? It is most important for the geo-political alignments in this area to know the answers.

Petach Tikva

[Image credit: Religious Freedom Coalition]