Saturday, September 14, 2013

J.Post September 12: Obama Exploits Pro-Israel Lobby for Syria Strike

Sir, – Despite the developments surrounding Russia’s proposal that Syria give up its chemical weapons, Israel is being forcefully thrust into the eye of a brewing storm surrounding a congressional vote on an American military strike (“Pro-Israel groups in the United States scramble to save Syria strike resolution,” September 10).

Despite the fact that our political and security officials have stated unequivocally that it is of vital importance for Israel not to be involved in this bloodstained internecine conflict, their wishes have been brazenly violated.

Both US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have made public statements declaring that one of the prime reasons for striking Syria is the defense of Israel.

This is an absolute falsehood, which ignores the fact that Israel is not a party to this war, nor does it favor one ignoble side over the other.

Israel does not require or seek outside protection in this fight, and the use of its name to gain congressional votes merely serves to drain any real humanitarian content from what should be an authentic effort to end the brutal slaughter of innocent civilians.

[Of course, if and when a strike does take place it would undoubtedly invite serious reactions from a number of pro-Assad sources, several of whom (Iran, Hezbollah, Syria) have already declared their avowed intention of targeting Israel irrespective of its non-involvement.] The European Union, the United Nations and Russia have each declared their rejection of the Obama program, thereby leaving the American president alone with only the pro-Israel lobbyists. Since “limited” actions tend to grow into larger, even regional, conflagrations – and even into world wars – the obvious villains will be Israel and the Jews.

Petah Tikva

[Image credit: David Illif]