Wednesday, November 6, 2013

J.Post November 6: Is Now the Time for a Peace Agreement?

Sir, - Boaz Ganor, founder and executive director of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism, makes a valiant effort to depict the various upheavals that many of Israel’s neighbors are experiencing and suggests that they present a window of opportunity for us to come to an agreement with the Palestinians (“The window of opportunity,” Comment & Features,” November 4). Sadly to say, I fear that although the learned author describes certain drastic changes in our region, the conclusions he draws are erroneous.

If this “window” were so promising for Israel, it should be viewed even more so as a golden opportunity for the Palestinian Authority, which is witnessing the possible collapse of several of its Muslim allies as well as the terrorist regime in Gaza. If this were so, the PA would desperately be begging for a peace agreement.

US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry should be able to see the reality of the situation and begin to bring pressure on the PA for it to make gestures of good will toward Israel.

At every juncture of his portrayal of the regional changes taking place, Ganor is careful enough to describe the fragility and real possibility that these changes could be undone. For Israel to make any concessions concerning its security or its borders based on these unstable circumstances would be of the utmost folly.

Petah Tikva