Monday, December 23, 2013

J.Post December 26: Delusions Behind Israeli Settlement Policy

israeil settlement policySir, - Isi Leibler once again presents us with a highly readable column, advancing straightforward facts and "A coherent settlement policy."
clear-cut arguments. He attempts to make a strong case for the necessity of Israel under the leadership of Netanyahu to establish what he calls

Leibler contends that the government's present ambiguous policy is the number one issue that is utilized by our detractors to vilify us. He cites several examples where Israel is facing increasing hostility on campuses, growing pressure for boycotts, as well as frequent anti-Israel U.N. resolutions, and claims that "the entire world is deluded into believing that settlements represent the principal obstacle to peace."

I confess I am truly surprised by Isi Leibler. While he is obviously correct about the desirability of a cohesive settlement policy, it would undoubtedly have little effect on Israel's maligners. Does Leibler really believe that even a total retreat from a pro-settlement stance by Netanyahu would reduce Israel-bashing in the least bit? Does he really believe that Abbas would then permit the presence of soldiers in the Jordan Valley or would agree to an undivided Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel? Would the PA president then be willing to declare Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people? 

I hope that Isi Leibler's response to the above questions would be in the negative, especially in view of the fact that he himself uses the term 'deluded' to describe those that believe the settlement issue to be the biggest obstacle to peace. It is important to understand that Israel is facing an implacable enemy and we therefore must remain forever vigilant in safeguarding and remaining true to our vital national interests, and not succumb to any perilous delusions.

Petach Tikvah