Thursday, December 19, 2013

J.Post December 1: Europe Chooses Iranian Uranium over Israeli Innovation

Sir, – With regard to “PM convenes urgent meetings on stalemate over Horizon 2020” (November 26), permit me to alert your readers to the invidious differences between the way the European Union relates to the pariah state of Iran and how it treats Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

Despite proven Iranian support and sponsorship of terrorism in many parts of the world, and the murder of many tens of thousands by Tehran’s puppet regime in Syria, the EU, together with other world powers, came obsequiously to Iran and went out of its way to sign a treaty that not only will cause no discomfort to the Iranians, but will effectively permit them to continue their enrichment program.

iran nuclear uranium israel innovation

While not one of these powers dared challenge the Iranian leadership’s call for the elimination of Israel, they chose to reward Iran with the partial removal of sanctions.

In considering Israel’s request to show some flexibility concerning settlement guidelines that would permit its participation in the Horizon 2020 project, the EU’s response was callous and totally negative. Israel, whose scientific achievements are second to none, is forced to its knees because of Europe’s blind acceptance of the Palestinian narrative. Non-compliance with this political extortion would result in a huge blow to Israeli research.

The final score: Iran is given every consideration, including permission to continue violating years of UN resolutions demanding that it cease enrichment, and thereby is enabled to threaten the region with weapons of mass destruction – while Israel, the nation that “dwells alone,” is forced to curtail the research that has produced many of the major scientific and medical breakthroughs for mankind.

Zev Chamudot
Petach Tikvah

[Image credit: Wikimedia user Nanking2012]