Tuesday, March 4, 2014

J.Post March 4: Hezbollah and Hollywood -- The Real Brain-Washers

Sir, - Hezbollah, evidently devoid of any originality or imagination, has chosen to conjure up from their infernal cesspool one of the most fatigued, hackneyed, and malicious accusations aimed at the Jews. This time we are charged with the heinous crime of inventing Hollywood as part of a nefarious Jewish conspiracy to be used as a tool to "conquer all the world."

Farroukh Magidi, a university professor (unnamed university) says that his people also want to take over the world as the Jews do, but are not successful because they do not have the skill-set. "They know how to do it and we don't."
hamashollywood hezbollah marx jewsRegrettably, I must beg to differ with the Hezbollah professor and point out that his people have been enormously successful in the brain-washing of millions and in creating the world's worst group of blood-thirsty jihadists. Their extreme fanaticism not only sanctions severing of the hand of an alleged thief, but actively promotes the suicide bombings that continue to take a daily toll of at least 20 lives on the streets of Iraq. The blood drenched towns of Syria supply incontrovertible evidence to the success of their fanatical indoctrination.

If in fact the Jews do control Hollywood, they may be charged with providing the world with entertainment, some good, some poor. Muslim fanaticism however has grown into one of the major threats to western civilization.

Zev Chamudot
Petach Tikva

[Nasrallah image credit: Flickr user Abode of Chaos]