Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Kerry Treachery

Sir, - It is becoming increasingly evident that John Kerry has abdicated his role as an 'honest broker' in the negotiations between Israel and the PA. To the adjectives obsessive and messianic that Defense Minister Yaalon has already used to describe him, we must now unfortunately add treacherous in order to properly identify his diplomatic casuistry.  

The shocking statement reported on the front page of the Jerusalem Post wherein Kerry is quoted as saying that "it is a mistake to demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state" is the equivalent of a dagger being thrust into the very heart of the negotiations. It is a repugnant betrayal of Prime Minister Netanyahu who has made this the very fulcrum and primary condition of his agreement to enter into the negotiations, and this was made absolutely clear to the Americans. In fact until a short while ago, it was leaked to the media that the Americans backed this very basic and most elementary demand. The goal of the negotiations could only be reached if each side of the negotiations announced the complete end of hostilities and recognize the national rights of the other. This is not only completely logical and legitimate, but it places the absence of its acceptance into the realm of the bizarre and absurd and serves to render the negotiations a total mockery.

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Kerry's perfidy, however, does not stop with Netanyahu; it also does violence to the entire peace negotiations. Kerry not only labels the demand 'a mistake' but by doing so he automatically grants legitimacy to Abbas' adamant refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. He then proceeds to offer justification for this refusal based on the very tenuous arguments that the US and Arafat have already done so. Surely the Sec. of State should be wise enough to ask the simple question: Why then is Abbas so determined in his
refusal to do so? Shouldn't Gaza be cut off from the PA because of Hamas' publicly declared statements, backed by lethal rockets, which call for the continuous armed struggle against the Zionist entity?

The ugly truth that emerges is the fact that Abbas' intransigence, now supported by Kerry, will result in a halt to the negotiations, but instead of placing the onus where it belongs both Kerry and Obama find it more comfortable to blame Israel. In light of this reality, will Kerry still insist that Israel release the last batch of terrorist butchers into the loving arms of Abbas?

Finally, if Netanyahu's demand is labeled as a mistake, how would Kerry characterize the repulsive pressure brought on Israel for the obscene release of unrepentant murderers as a Palestinian precondition to the start of talks?

Petach Tikva

[Image credit: Flickr user cliff1066]