Thursday, March 13, 2014

With No Apologies: Why J.Post's Headline is Misleading

allenby crossing bridge jordan israel
Sir, - The headline on the front page of the Jerusalem Post of March 12, stated in bold large letters "Israel apologizes for killing of Jordanian at Allenby crossing." A careful reading of the news story that follows quite clearly exposes the headline as being grossly misleading. As such it can easily cause a great deal of misunderstanding that is often followed by negative and unfortunate consequences. This danger is compounded and becomes far more treacherous when the headline appears on the front page.

The text of the news story relates that the Prime Mister's Office, in an effort to reduce the tensions with Jordan over the killing of Raed Za'eiter, issued a statement expressing regret over his death. The statement, in addition to expressing Israel's sympathies to the people and government of Jordan, further tells that Israel has already shared with Jordan the results of its preliminary investigation and even agreed to Jordan's request to establish a joint Israel-Jordanian team to complete the investigation.

The commonly accepted meaning of the word Apology is the expression of regret for a wrong that you have committed. Indeed, we are informed that Israel did express regret over the death of the young man, but it did not by way of word or deed convey the notion that his death was wrongfully brought about by Israel. On the contrary, the reported results of the investigation conducted by the IDF indicated that the shooting took place after the victim shouted "Allahu Akbar" and charged at the soldiers and attempted to snatch a rifle. Under the circumstances and a sane sense of justice, it is Israel that should be demanding an apology from Jordan!

Petach Tikva