Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kerry and Indyk: the Real Tragedy of Historic Proportions

Sir, - I am rather surprised that the Jerusalem Post would permit an article with such pronounced bias and hopelessly frail logic to be presented to its readers. Author Peter A. Joseph joins Martin Indyk and John Kerry in warning Israel that it is headed toward a "tragedy of historic proportions" unless it conclude an agreement with the Palestinians based on the program of two states for two peoples.

Joseph tries to assure us that his team is scrupulously fair in attributing blame for the breakdown in the negotiations to both sides, and then with perverted logic concludes that nevertheless, it is Israel who is really to blame because it continues with settlement activity that is anathema to the PA.

In order to achieve an honest evaluation of what led to the breakdown it is important raise some questions and establish certain truths. The negotiations were born in sin and clearly biased against Israel from the start when Joseph's friends insisted that the PA deserved a reward just for agreeing to negotiate. Why? Joseph's allies insisted on the morally reprehensible demand that Israel free hundreds of abominable terrorist murderers! Israel then made it clear to Kerry, Indyk, Obama, and Abbas that settlement activity would continue during the negotiations, and that this comes as a surprise to any of those honorable gentlemen either casts serious doubts on their honorability or on their mental fitness. 

By the way, did anyone ever consider warning the PA about the "tragedy of historic proportions" that it would face if it failed to negotiate in good faith?

Also worth considering is what constitutes a more serious impediment to negotiations: Israel's building in undisputed areas, or glorification and heroization of terrorist in the schools and mosques of the PA? What about hooking up with a terrorist organization that calls by word and deed for the annihilation of the Jewish state? The sad truth is that Joseph himself admits to the fact that the settlement issue is not the substantive one that divides us, but in his own words it has provided the Palestinian leaders with "an excuse" to avoid making compromises or preparing their public for peace.

Petach Tikva