Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shimon Peres At it Again

shimon peres independence day PM nixes deal PA abbas
Sir, - In the midst of the warm afterglow of Independence Day celebrations I found it most disturbing to be confronted once again with a front page report on the insidious activities of our country's president. Shimon Peres is deservedly acknowledged to be one of the world's leading statesmen and one who has brought much honor to the state of Israel. He has many important achievements to his credit, and a long list of testimonials to his strength of heart and mind, as well as to the qualities of character that befit a person of such lofty position. Alas, humility does not occupy a prominent space on that list. This character flaw can on occasion blind him to the damage he causes to the government and people of Israel, precisely because of the high regard in which he is held.

Each and everyone of us must ask the simple question: What did Peres hope to accomplish at this stage by his 'revelation' that "PM nixed deal with PA in final stages 3 years ago"? After the peace talks guided by Sec. Kerry have completely broken down due to the intransigence of the PA and their unity talks with Hamas, does Peres feel that his program will now be adopted by the Israeli government? Is Peres in favor of having Hamas, who consistently in word and deed call for the destruction of Israel, now become legitimate members of the PA negotiating team?

Regrettably, we must ask an another question of the Peres report: Is it an accurate description of what actually took place three years ago, or is it part of Peres' long history of wishful thinking and his attempts to reconstruct the chronicle of events beginning with the Oslo process up until his present evaluation of Abbas as a man of "character," a "fighter against terrorism," and a man who is courageous and talks of peace?

The reliability of the Peres report is brought into serious doubt in an interview granted by recent national security adviser Gen. Yaakov Amidror, someone who has been intimately involved with the peace negotiations of the past several years. The interview took place the same day the report appeared, wherein he declared unequivocally that if those negotiations took place Netanyahu had absolutely no knowledge of them.

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