Friday, September 5, 2014

Oversight: The Week in Review

Sunday: Arab MKs attend Hamas victory rally

Haneen Zoabi and two other Arab MKs joined in the singing of the Palestinian national anthem at a victory rally for Hamas, held near Acre. This behavior is consistent with Zoabi's unabashed, continuous anti-Israel incitement and other traitorous activities, including her presence on the Mavi Marmara. At the rally Zoabi lamented the 2,000 Hamas martyrs of 'her people' that were killed by the IDF. Much to Zoabi's mortification, she and those 2,000 martyrs will be barred entry into Paradise, because that is strictly reserved for the truly righteous people of the world and for the millions of history's genuine Jewish martyrs. Zoabi and friends will be most chagrined when confronted at the Heavenly gates by a sign that says OCCUPIED!

Monday: Haredim continue protests

The small group of followers of hard-liner Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach and some Eda Haredit elders are ostensibly protesting the arrest of Yeshiva students who fail to report to IDF enlistment offices. Far more serious is their readiness to embrace the utterly mendacious claim that the government is intent on removing any semblance of Judaism from Israel. As one youthful protester declares,"The haredi world is at war with the state, and needs to fight for its values." Why is it, that those who profess to be the most religious are seemingly unable to acknowledge God's daily miracles and the Divine Hand that shapes Israel's destiny? What a shame! What a pity! What a waste!

Tuesday: Britain to strip passports of jihadi fighters

The growing Islamization of Europe is now beginning to be viewed by Britain, France, and Germany as posing a clear and present danger to their western way of life and culture. Research in Britain indicates that more than 30% of its Muslim students favor the establishment of a world-wide caliphate. An ISIS video that vividly depicts the decapitation of an American journalist by a person with a British accent raised the concern that radicalized Britons who were trained by terrorist forces could upon their return commit attacks against Britain itself. PM Cameron felt that the best way to keep his head would be to submit legislation that would prohibit their reentry.

Wednesday: Indictment of IDF chief Ashkenazi

The charge of breach of public trust against any individual is an extremely serious one, and much more so when the accused are all senior members of the nation's defense establishment. From its very beginning, with the introduction of a forged document, the Harpaz Affair had a stench about it, and seemed to be based on petty rivalries among significant people, whose actions clearly demonstrated their inability to put aside considerations of personal ego and ambition even for the sake of the national interest. Nothing about it was in the least bit gallant.

Thursday: Obama vows to destroy Islamic State

The horrific beheadings of two American Journalist by ISIS terrorists have prompted Pres.Obama to forcibly declare his intent to destroy the metastasizing Islamic State "so that it is no longer a threat, not just to Iraq but also the region and to the United States." Could it be that Obama is beginning to awaken to the threat of fanatical Islam and the unholy relationship between Iran, Qatar, ISIS, the  Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Fatah? If so, he and the world's democracies must take determined immediate action to annihilate these forces of evil, and they must come to the belated realization that their only reliable ally in this battle for safeguarding Western civilization is the State of Israel.